Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Motorcycle Blue Book Secrets Uncovered

Do you want to know how much your motorcycle is worth? Are you curious as to what its trade in or retail value is? Maybe you just want to know what you should expect to pay for a new or used bike. Well you might be interested to know that there is more than one resource available to you for these purposes.

There are two main pricing guides in the United States - the Kelley Blue Book and The National Automobile Dealers Association or NADA guides. Some people feel that the NADA guides are a better source than the Kelly Blue Book because the National Automobile Dealers Association is currently the largest publisher of Appraisal Guides in the world. NADA has been in business since 1933 and their handbooks provide information for almost every motor vehicle that has ever been made.

Kelley Blue Book is the most well-known pricing guide and has been in business for more than 80 years. But they publish more than one price guide for used vehicles including motorcycles, so be careful if you are consulting a dealer because the one they are using is likely to be the version labeled “Kelley Blue Book Auto Market Report – Official Guide”. The book says that ‘suggested retail values’ represent Kelley Blue Book’s estimated dealer asking price, but you can bet a dealer won’t show you those figures. Better to grab your own copy and do some pricing research yourself so you don’t get taken advantage of.

Check out motorcyclebluebook.com for pricing on a huge selection of bikes. By selecting the make, model and year of the bike you’re interested in, the website will send you an email with information on the value and selling prices for any particular motorcycle.

One more pricing guide you may want to look into is Edmunds.com. This is an online information site which also supplies you with the value of your motorcycle, or expected pricing for the make and model that you are interested in.

You can purchase the books or visit any or all of these websites. Enter information about the condition of the motorcycle you presently own and want to sell or appraise, including any custom work and options, or do a query for pricing on a new or used bike you want to purchase. You will be provided with trade-in, suggested retail value and private party pricing. You’ll want to keep in mind also that motorcycle prices vary, sometimes greatly, depending on where you live, locally and globally. A good tip is to check the books or websites and your immediate market area to get the most comparisons for the best accuracy on cost and value.

Motorcycle blue book is your one-stop shop for finding out the true value of your hog.

Motorcycle Jackets

There is no good way to really start out writing about the topic of motorcycle jackets without mentioning the history, or little bit of the background information about the motorcycle jacket as it stands today, giving the generations after its’ fashionable push a new way to glimpse the motorcycle jacket as more than just for motorcyclists. Classically motorcycle jackets are tough and usually leather jackets with linings to keep the motorcycle rider warm throughout whatever length their trip goes, and the leather makes the rider able to struggle through the erosive pull of the wind.

Directing most of this through the manufacturing process is usually a person who has the ability to keep the machines moving, as the manufacturing process becomes much more mechanical to save costs on the materials being combined with the effort, and the brands that create their own spin on the leather motorcycle jacket become more unique as the times begin to shift trends in a new direction. It can be difficult to condense all the processes into a short synopsis to explain appropriately the way in which a design becomes a reality, and the creation becomes a wearable good that can be shipped all over the world.

In America, where this look really seemed to take off, the leather is still hand-cut from premium-quality American leather to be custom-tailored to a rider’s personal measurements. Perfected over sixty years of designs, these jackets are still popular with riders the world over, and can be shipped to any destination relatively easily and affordably. Ordering information can be just as easily acquired over the Internet, as well as through any number of catalogs that will give the shopper a good choice of materials, and can make the most of the amount of money that the average consumer would be willing to spend.

Suzuki Motorcycle

When the concept of speed comes to mind, there are certain aspects that are given to create mental images of what speed is in comparison to how fast one wants to go, and motorcycles are most certainly a part of those thoughts and ideas. When you break down the conceptualization of motorcycles further, one will come across all the various brands and types of motorcycles used to tear down those boundaries of speed, and the ways in which speed is a foundation for many parts of our world culture in all its’ varying degrees of taste and delivery to the human race as a whole.

With the Suzuki brand name in particular, they have been working on the beauty inherent in speed, and the compact and personal nature of such an experience for a very long time. With the motorcycle being the mechanical paintbrush that is used upon the canvas that is the road of countless places, and it is speed which happens to be the experience itself that most riders of these types of vehicles want to create for themselves, generating a unique viewpoint from which to take advantage of not being limited by the mere appendages we all have. Taking off into stratospheres of break-neck speeds to attain some kind of rush beyond the human experience, and into a world where movement need not be any particular boundary for a person.

The motorcycle allows a rider to truly experience a new vision of what speed can be as a relevant element to the dawning of a new age, one in which speed serves as no barrier, but as an expression of freedom in the highest regard. Suzuki is striving far for the ability of mankind to reign supremely over this domain, and is at the forefront to the most certain attempts that we have yet to see, movement will not limit our approach through history.

Taking My Honda Motorcycle To Sturgis

I plan to take my new Honda motorcycle to the Sturgis Motorcycle Rally this year. The Sturgis Motorcycle Rally is a motorcycle rally held every year in Sturgis, South Dakota.

The Sturgis Motorcycle rally was founded in 1938 by the Jackpine Gypsies Motorcycle Club. This club still owns and still operates the tracks, the hillclimb and the field areas that the rally is concentrated around. The first Sturgis Motorcycle Rally lasted two days and was focused on racing and stunts. I can’t wait to take my new Honda motorcycle to this event.

The founder of the Sturgis Motorcycle Rally is generally considered to be Clarence Hoel, also known as Pappy. Pappy is still honored in a variety of ways by the crowd at Sturgis. I have a small area on my Honda motorcycle with a memorial to Clarence Hoel.

The main focus of a motorcycle rally has changed. The Sturgis Motorcycle Rally was originally just for racing and for stunts. The rally includes a half mile track for racing. I can’t wait to drive on the course on my Honda motorcycle.

There are ramp jumps, but I think that I will stay away from those. I will also stay away from intentional head-on collisions with automobiles on my Honda motorcycle even though a lot of riders do it.

I’ve been reading a lot about The Sturgis Motorcycle Rally. I’ve learned that it has been held every year, with exceptions during World War II. There has been a revitalization of sorts in the last few years in motorcycling. There is even a whole new group of fans that are interested in the old motorcycle rallies.

The newfound interest in the Sturgis Motorcycle Rally has led to huge attendance numbers. In 2004, it was estimated that over a half of a million people showed up in South Dakota for the festivities. I can’t wait to be one of the masses at the next rally with my Honda motorcycle.

The Sturgis Motorcyle Rally is part of pop culture in America. In 1997, the crew from COPS and basketball’s Dennis Rodman attended the Sturgis Motorcycle Rally. There was also a time during the 1990’s that WCW wrestling held pay-per-view events from the Sturgis Motorcycle Rally. I think that these events are distracting and not the reason I want to attend the Sturgis Motorcycle Rally with my new Honda motorcycle.

Every year, VH1 Classic has annual coverage of this festival. They like to include interviews and performances as well as feature rock videos. I’ve watched coverage of the Sturgis Motorcyle Rally before and I am going to try my level best to get on television with my new Honda motorcycle.

Custom Motorcycles

There has been an explosion recently in popularity for custom motorcycles, both in the demand and the creation of some of the best designs that are possible, and many different custom creators are choosing to make their creations well known either through the Internet or on television. In fact, there are multiple reality television programs that reveal some of the drama and the process of creating these custom motorcycles, and their stories have come to be known throughout the world through the popular culture that we have come to glimpse through our television screens.

There are many different manufacturers that can create the design, and then bring a reality into existence; there are many designs that are capable of being accomplished whether you wish to choose from a whole variety of pre-made designs, or you happen to need some kind of design that will be descriptive of what you want to describe your own personality. Expressing that you are the motorcyclist that you want to be, and that you have what you want to own, many builders can aid you with what you choose to be your bike.

There are many ways to get that vehicle that will describe you to your best ability, but that you don’t have to feel is too much to drive, unless that is what you choose to have as your motorcycle. It can be difficult to get anywhere that you want to be, but if determination, it can be much easier to understand yourself and the kinmd of bike that you want to ride. Just by concentrating on what you need, as opposed to what might look best, and going with you gut feeling instead of everyone else’s opinion.