Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Suzuki Motorcycle

When the concept of speed comes to mind, there are certain aspects that are given to create mental images of what speed is in comparison to how fast one wants to go, and motorcycles are most certainly a part of those thoughts and ideas. When you break down the conceptualization of motorcycles further, one will come across all the various brands and types of motorcycles used to tear down those boundaries of speed, and the ways in which speed is a foundation for many parts of our world culture in all its’ varying degrees of taste and delivery to the human race as a whole.

With the Suzuki brand name in particular, they have been working on the beauty inherent in speed, and the compact and personal nature of such an experience for a very long time. With the motorcycle being the mechanical paintbrush that is used upon the canvas that is the road of countless places, and it is speed which happens to be the experience itself that most riders of these types of vehicles want to create for themselves, generating a unique viewpoint from which to take advantage of not being limited by the mere appendages we all have. Taking off into stratospheres of break-neck speeds to attain some kind of rush beyond the human experience, and into a world where movement need not be any particular boundary for a person.

The motorcycle allows a rider to truly experience a new vision of what speed can be as a relevant element to the dawning of a new age, one in which speed serves as no barrier, but as an expression of freedom in the highest regard. Suzuki is striving far for the ability of mankind to reign supremely over this domain, and is at the forefront to the most certain attempts that we have yet to see, movement will not limit our approach through history.

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